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Feel Fabulous again

Do you dream about the days when you were slim, healthy and confident, and wonder if those days are gone for good?

I can help you!

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my name is Caroline O'Neill, I am a 50+ working wife and mother of 3 grown up children and I know the  challenges facing all of us today when it comes to achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  I especially understand women who are 40+ and juggling a hectic work and family life and am passionate about helping them to find the best ways to reclaim their health, energy and vitality for life.  In particular, I specialise in the symptoms associated with hormonal changes such as weight gain, lack of energy, brain fog and mood swings.


Using my nutrition and coaching skills I will guide clients towards making the best food and supplement choices and making sustainable lifestyle changes to help ensure they achieve their long and short term health goals.  My clients will never have to diet or go hungry again. Feeling good is possible for everyone, if you wish to get back to being your very best and need a helping hand with getting there, I can help you.

About me
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Work with me

With me you will learn about long lasting healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will suit your individual needs.  On this programme you will learn how to eat well and and regularly enjoy food that nourishes your body and mind.  You will NOT feel you are on another diet or ever have to go hungry again. 


You WILL learn how to eat in a way that your body loves so it can give back what you want from it i.e., more energy, balanced hormones and moods, a greater sense of well being, zest for life and motivation to shift those unwanted pounds for good.  What you learn is for the long term, afterwards you will feel and look better than you have in years.  Stop putting your health to the bottom of your to do list which is  where it never gets me today to arrange your FREE mini consultation and we will talk about what's going on for you with your health.

Work with me

Free Consultation

Book your free 15 minute mini consultation with me today, to find out how I can help you feel fabulous again.

Free Consultation

One-to-one Programmes

To understand your current health issues, your goals and to help you to make effective long-term changes, we will work together over a period of time.  I provide individualised health and lifestyle programmes that offer different levels of support to meet the individual needs of my clients.

I provide Food Intolerance Testing and use Nutrition Software to provide in-depth dietary analysis

My programmes typically include:

One-to-one programmes

Full health assessment

Personalised recommendations based on your health goals

Practical menu plans and recipes that fit in with your life

Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretations

A toolkit of information to support your nutrition and lifestyle changes

Coaching and motivational support throughout your programme

We will work together through your personalised nutrition programme for you to reach your goals and address your health issues

Online Challenges

Online Challenges

I run a variety of online challenges, from 7 to 30 days. For more information and to see when my next challenge is coming up, join my Facebook group.

Group Workshops & Talks

If you belong to a group who would benefit from the knowledge, inspiration and motivation you need to eat better, feel better and enjoy greater health, I would love to hear from you.  Learn about the simple changes you can make which will significantly improve your health and well being.

Workshops & Talks

Topics I cover are:

Better food for better energy

Happy Gut, happy brain

Less stress, more success

Hormones in harmony

If you are an employer looking to improve the health and well-being of your staff, I also offer bespoke and inspirational workplace talks and workshops to help those who do not always have the time they need to think about their diet and lifestyle. 


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